Season Discount

For the Autumn 2017 season of the Symphony Orchestra of India, we are offering patrons who purchase tickets for each programme in the season a 10% discount on their purchase.  For terms & conditions, see below.

Terms & conditions: 
- Tickets must be purchased for each of the four programmes - September 13, 17, 22 or 23, and 28. (Since there are two performances of the same programme on September 22 & 23, the patron can purchase for either one.)
- The tickets purchased must be within the same price category for each of the four days.
- Taxes as applicable
- The discount is only applicable on the total of the tickets bought for all four concerts, not the total transaction, if there are additional tickets for one particular day. (For example: if a patron purchases 2 tickets for each of the four programmes, and 4 additional tickets only for September 17, the discount is applicable only on the 8 tickets for the entire season (2 for each concert); they will pay full price for the additional 4.